“If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again,” is good advice that is more easily said than done.  If you are like most people, getting over a failure is not easy.  Instead of getting up and trying again, you’d much rather take your chances at something like becoming a heater salesman in Arizona. But, the best way to deal with failure is to face it. Failure is part of your journey to success.  Did you know that failure sits in the middle of the road between fear and success? Failure in some form, no matter how big or small, is inevitable.  Instead of looking at failure as a negative or a setback, look at failure through rose colored sunglasses. See failure for what it is – practice.  You will see yourself and the situation differently. You will become more powerful and able to push through to success. If you want to see a new opportunity bloom from failure, ask yourself five big questions:

1)      What did I learn from this experience?

2)      What could I have done differently?

3)      How can I grow as a person from this experience?

4)       What are three positive outcomes due to this experience?

5)      What are my next steps to get to success?

Comment below. How have you turned failure into success?