Help us build literacy in our community!

I am celebrating my birthday this year with the gift of giving and one that keeps on giving.

Instead of a birthday gift, I am asking 100 friends to donate at least $5 to help build literacy and the love for reading!

Starting with my own neighborhood and my hometown, I want to help get as many of these little lending libraries in our communities to inspire a love of reading, build community, and spark creativity and conversation. In addition, I want to be sure to help those in need. It is my goal to raise $500 to set-up two Little Lending Libraries (one in my neighborhood and one in my hometown).

How does it work?

With little lending libraries, a passerby can take a book to read or leave one for someone else to find. It’s a book exchange for all ages.

How will your donation help?

Your donations will support the purchase and installation of 2 library or blessing boxes similar to the picture above. The boxes will be registered with Here is the estimated break down:

  • Library/Blessing Box 1…… $200
  • Library/Blessing Box 2……$200
  • Post with topper and signs (official registration)…$80
  • Taxes/shipping….$20

Thank you so much for celebrating my birhday with me!

Love you much!

Dr. Ruth Alisha 🙂




Spreading Literacy in the Neighborhood