As we close out 2017, let’s take a close look at what the research says about what’s working in our schools across the nation.

What’s Working?

  1. Social Emotional Learning is making a positive impact! A meta-analysis of 213 school-based, universal SEL programs with 270,034 students in K-12 found that participants significantly improved their social and emotional skills, attitudes, behavior, and academic performance. Students receiving SEL strategies had an 11-percentile-point gain in achievement. Read more here.
  2.  New Teacher Mentors are adding value to teachers and students. The New Teacher Center’s induction model on student achievement in mathematics and English Language Arts shows positive student outcomes and higher teacher retention. Students, whose teachers had mentors, gained about 3.5 months of additional learning in reading and math over the course of a year. Check out the study.
  3.  Personal Writing Exercises boosts students’ self-efficacy and aspirations. Studies show that self-affirmation and writing about personal values promotes a growth mindset among students. When students engage in reflective writing assignments they are better able to deal with discouraging stereotypes, reduce stress, and improve their attitudes towards schooling. Read more here.
  4. Sending Text Messages frequently to parents can reduce failure and increase attendance among at-risk students. Leveraging Parents: The Impact of High-Frequency Information on Student Achievement study experimented with 22 schools and students with below-average GPAs. By sending out weekly automated messages to parents about their child’s missed assignments, grades, and class absences, the researchers were able to garner a 38% reduction in course failures and a 17% increase in class attendance.

Based on your own experience and practice, what instructional practices have you found to be impactful? Drop your comments below.