If you were to look up CCSS ELA Instructional Shift 5, you would find that Writing From Sources is the type of writing instruction that places emphasis on using the evidence from the text to write an informative or argumentative essay in addition to holding those same types of conversations. In short, Writing From Sources is what we have been doing with analytical writing and debate in our honors, gifted, and advanced placement courses. We give our students a text, video, quote, chart, or graph, then together we analyze it, and discuss it with the expectation that they will use the information from the source to express an idea, inference, conclusion or claim which they have generated. Writing from Sources eliminates the unsubstantiated or dead end response “I think”, “I feel”, “I believe”; students are able to use evidence to back up summation with examples, statistics, data, and information that supports their claim. After all, a hypothesis or any argument is only as good as its evidence.

How do you teach students to write from sources?

Watch this quick video by Carol Jago on Writing From Sources. How can we infuse writing from sources with writing across the curriculum?