Strategic readers gain insight while they read by thinking about what they are reading and things that I’ve seen or read about occurring in the real world. There are universal themes, character types, and conflicts that show up in the real world that that help us understand why things happen and how we react to them. Text to world connections are about connecting the text to other people and events in the real not about a reader’s personal experience (that’s text to self).

Making text to world connections is not simply about knowing the familiar. Text to world connections challenge students to analyze how their connections are contribute to their understanding of the text. Connections to what’s happening in the real world leads to text comprehension. Cris Tovani (2000) offers reasons why connecting to text helps readers:

  • It helps readers understand how characters feel and the motivation behind their actions.
  • It helps readers have a clearer picture in their head as they read thus making the reader more engaged.
  • It keeps the reader from becoming bored while reading.
  • It sets a purpose for reading and keeps the reader focused.
  • Readers can see how other readers connected to the reading.
  • It forces readers to become actively involved.
  • It helps readers remember what they have read and ask questions about the text.

Have your students watch this video so they can better understand what they read by making connections to real life experiences outside of themselves.

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