What’s an Edcamp? It’s where educators can go and learn from other educators. They share their real life action-based experiences around teaching and learning. Edcamps allow educators to have real conversations and demos of what works or what doesn’t work based not on theory or a dog-and-pony type presentations but what has actually been tried and shown to be true in getting students to succeed.

So in response to the teleworking and teleschooling demands due to COVID-19, My Learning Partners hosted our very first virtual EdCamp on March 29, 2020. The purpose of #MyEdcamp is to share a successful skill, strategy, or skill to support students, parents, teachers, and staff with online learning and working remotely. The learning partners and attendees were from all over the U.S. consisting of principals, teachers, district office staff, parents, nonprofit leaders, and even experts from the medical field. The primary topics included how to provide pocket-sized professional development, open ended questions, mental health, social emotional learning, access to technology, daily routines and rituals, writing strategies, and online meetings and virtual social experiences to promote school culture and climate. Watch the video below to take-away some strategies you can implement right away.

Here are the estimated times for each topic: Alisha Hill,  Pocket-Sized PD (Starts 00:35) Niki Hill, Open-ended Questions (Starts 7:58) Christina Edwards, A New Norm in The Midst of a Crisis (Starts: 14:23) KaCey Venning, Creating an Environment for Mental Wellness (Starts 23:47) Julie Rucker, Access First (Starts: 35:18) Brittani McDuffie-West, Routines and Rituals (Starts: 45:24) Erik Cork, The E’s of ELA Excellence (Starts: 49:58) Grelarius Calcano, Principal Practices (Starts: 59:58)

What are some skills, strategies, or activities you find useful for the virtual setting?