Do you want success? Mental, spiritual, financial, physical and/or material success? Do you want to win at the game of life? 13920188_10101943075318617_8592510600964985681_o

Each day throughout the day take time to pray. During my morning social media stroll,  I came across  the quote “If prayer becomes a habit, success becomes a lifestyle.” I though about how true this statement has been for me. God has come through for me time and time again and I believe it’s because I pray every day. Some of my prayers are as short as “God, help me!” or “Thank you, Jesus!” Over the years, I have learned that taking time to talk God helps me see situations differently or see situations change. I believe in the power of prayer because I live. Prayer is a lifestyle. As long as you stay praying, you will stay winning!

If you feel like you don’t know how to pray, have a conversation with God. Focus your mind and thoughts on ACTS! Start  with Acknowledging God in your life and Confessing that you agree with the Holy Spirit’s whispers to you when you’ve done wrong. Then, Thank Him for his grace and mercy where it’s shown up in your life, and last ask for your needs and desires of your heart, which is Supplication. Remember A.C.T.S.: ACKNOWLEDGING, CONFESSING, THANKSGIVING, SUPPLICATION! Afterwards, walk in faith knowing whatever it is you’ve taken to God will be done. Believe!