images (1)Look-a-here! Look-a-here! This is a truly a goodie to teach kids about the Fruit of the Spirit. I found this one on a blog by Tony Kummer. Check out the links below for free lessons and ideas for “The Fruit of the Spirit”

Fruit of the Spirit Lessons (and coloring pages)

  1. Love Lesson Plan (coloring sheet)
  2. Joy Lesson Plan (coloring sheet)
  3. Peace Lesson Plan (coloring sheet)
  4. Patience Lesson Plan (coloring sheet)
  5. Kindness Lesson Plan (coloring sheet)
  6. Goodness Lesson Plan (coloring sheet)
  7. Faithfulness Lesson Plan (coloring sheet)
  8. Gentleness Lesson Plan (coloring sheet)
  9. Self-control Lesson Plan (coloring sheet)
  10. Spiritual Fruit object lessons
  11. Lesson plan about the Holy Spirit’s role in Spiritual Fruit


Music & Songs