Last Saturday, a group of my friends who believe in the power of prayer came together at my house for our first of many Praying Parent Back to School Bash get-togethers. We fellowshipped (socialized and ate…good) and we spent an hour talking about the importance of prayer and daily devotion. Most importantly, we prayed together for our own children and each other’s children. Our prayers were specific and intentional. We prayed together in agreement, on one accord. It was truly an amazing experience! That’s the beauty of corporate prayer!

As we talked and shared out loud our concerns and God-sized prayers for our children, the Womacks shared the principles that they recite with their kids each day. Every praying parent in our group, including Uncle Phil, loved the principles. We all  wanted a copy. The words struck a nerve in our value system as we listened intently and agreed with the core beliefs of each saying. We all want our kids to be prosperous and productive. We all want our children to live out God’s purpose in their lives. And because of that, I feel compelled to share with you. So here is the list of principles, or words to live by, if you would like to incorporate them into your daily lives.

Principles to live by-5

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