Every election year, I watch and wait for Georgia votes to come in anticipation that we will be a BLUE state. Black, white, brown, I have a pretty diverse circle and group of associates or just people I come in contact with in both my personal and professional life. Because I actually take the time to have real interactions with others, I get to know them – their values – very quickly. But, election night is extremely telling. It never fails, although income divides political parties and $60K is average household income  for most Georgians, Georgia flashes across the screen in RED.  Core values override income. Yes, the popular vote for Georgia goes to the Republican candidate during most elections, which means our electors cast their ballots  in support of a Republican President.  Understanding how the electoral college works frustrates most people  and they conclude that their vote doesn’t count. Listen up! Your vote counts.

Here is how the electoral college works. This year, over 40 million Americans participated in early voting. Today, millions more are voting. I hope. This allows us to choose which candidate receives our state’s electoral votes. The candidate who receives  majority of electoral votes (270) wins the Presidency. There are 538 members of the electoral college; each state has the same number of electors as they do Representatives (435) and Senators (100). The District of Columbia has three (3) electors. So in short, your vote counts! Think of it like this,  when you vote you are actually activating an elector vote on your behalf. Rarely does a President win if he (in tonight’s case “she”) doesn’t win the popular vote. It happened for Bush but that does not count. (Pun intended.)

Check out  this visual explanation.